10 things you need to know about asbestos testing!

November 30, 2022

Asbestos testing can help you determine if you have asbestos. It can impact the cost of removing asbestos. This guide will assist you in making an informed decision about whether asbestos testing is going to provide you with the assurance you need.

While asbestos products have been used in building construction since the 1800s, primarily to fireproof commercial buildings. However, the first cement-based asbestos products weren’t made until 1920. They were introduced to housing construction in 1940.

Asbestos was widely used in building and construction before 1985. According to the Government Department of Health, any building built before 1990 should be considered suspicious. Because asbestos sheets were rare and builders ran out of them quickly after the ban, this is why it’s important to be suspicious of any building built before 1990.

These homes may have asbestos in them. Many renovations were done to older homes before asbestos was invented. A NATA laboratory can safely test for asbestos.

Asbestos testing in auckland is the process of locating and collecting Asbestos samples. If you do not know the best harvesting methods, your health could be at risk. Many people don’t harvest enough to be tested. Coastal Asbestos does not recommend you attempt this dangerous task. Our highly-trained technicians are adept at the identification, harvesting and documentation required by the laboratory.

Asbestos testing FAQ

It sounds way too expensive. It seems too expensive.

Before you purchase a house, it is a good idea to have your asbestos tested and an audit done. To avoid asbestos money pits, have your asbestos tested.

Do You think it is important that renovations are tested before they start?

Reputable builders will insist on asbestos testing before any demolition work. Asbestos can lurk in older homes.

Many companies claim they can upload the results on their websites. Is this legal?

It is against the law to ship Asbestos through the postal system. Asbestos, which is classified Post as a hazardous product of Class 9, cannot be sent via the postal system. It is reckless and illegal, and poses a risk to all postal workers.

Can you test for asbestos in your home?

Queensland recognizes NATA laboratory testing. Queensland Health, the courts, and well-respected asbestos removal companies do not recognize any other method.

What does NATA laboratory testing look like?

There are two main methods to test for asbestos in a NATA lab.

Polarised microscopy (PLM),

Dispersion Staining (DS) techniques

NATA stands to National Association of Testing Authorities. This accreditation has been trusted for over 70 years. This accreditation is for international standards. This accreditation allows you to confirm that your results have been tested in accredited laboratories.

Can I do a sample myself?

There is no safe level of Asbestos exposure. Asbestos should never be handled by untrained persons.

What can go wrong when asbestos testing has been done?

Asbestos must be removed from a building. This involves removing the asbestos sheet and sealing it. This could result in asbestos fibers being released into your home in the millions.

How can I find more information?

Only NATA laboratories are used. A certificate of analysis will be sent to you by mail. You will receive a certificate of analysis by mail. It will contain the exact location of your test, whether it was negative or positive, the type and any information regarding friability or nonfriability.

What time will it take to see my results?

We can deliver same-day results if we arrive before noon.

Why Choose Coastal Asbestos?

Coastal Asbestos, the Gold Coast’s most trusted name in asbestos removal, is Coastal Asbestos. Only NATA-accredited laboratories are used. Jason Spaull, our director, has been involved in thousands of asbestos removal projects. Spaull has over 25 years of experience in asbestos removal. Coastal Asbestos was awarded a Workplace Safety and Excellence Award and a Gold Coast Business Excellence Award.

We are the Gold Coast’s top professional asbestos company. We are proud of our record of excellence. We aim to eradicate Asbestos-related illnesses. We educate the public, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our methods. We are the Asbestos experts that you have been looking for. Our Safety Management System has been accredited to 4018.

  • We don’t illegally post samples.
  • We have a highly skilled staff that can safely harvest samples.
  • We don’t use unrecognized methods of testing.
  • Our Asbestos expertise spans over 25 years.
  • We’ve processed thousands upon thousands.
  • We won numerous awards.
  • We have been certified for the 4018 Safety Management System.
  • A certificate of analysis will be issued by our laboratory to you.
  • We understand your requirements and can quickly provide you with quotations

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