3D Printed Shoes And The Evolution Of Footwear

March 17, 2020

It is not easy to find a person whose feet are exactly identical. In most cases, one foot will be slightly smaller or wider than the other. This is what makes, even using recommendations sites like spryshoes.com or runrepeat.com, it difficult to find a pair of shoes that perfectly fit both feet. Now with 3D printing, each shoe will be made specifically to fit a particular foot. It will now be much easier to take care of people whose feet are wider or thicker, which has always been difficult. The current sizing system has always been mainly based on how long a person’s feet are. With 3D printed shoes, this will be a thing of the past.

How Is a 3D Printed Shoe Made?

For some people, getting an ideal pair of shoes is not always a straight forward process. They have to contend with trying to fit pairs and pairs of pre-made shoes that come in different standard sizes. 3D printing has now changed everything. Now, photographs of your feet will be taken from various angles. With the images taken, a computer will then create a precise 3D model of your feet. This information will then be combined with details about your height, weight and the activities that you normally engage in. The end result will be a pair of shoes that is tailor-made exactly for you.

3D Printed Shoes And Orthotics

In addition to being a great innovation for fashion lovers, 3D printing is also being used for therapeutic applications. Companies that make corrective orthotic shoes are using the technology to come up with orthotic shoes that improve a patient’s comfort while alleviating his or her foot pain. Orthotic scanning is no longer the archaic and sterile process that it used to be.

Top-Notch Running Shoes

The fitness industry is set to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of 3D printing, particularly in terms of running shoes that are highly advanced. Already there are personalized insoles which can be fit into any shoe. These are completely computer-generated insoles that are created using a unique foot-measuring app. It means that in addition to being able to plan the pair of shoes that you want, you can also choose how you want the shoes to feel.

Bottom line

While the traditional shoes are still widely used, it is a foregone conclusion that 3D printed shoes are the shoes of the future. 3D technology continues to advance at a fast rate globally and what was thought impossible in years gone by is becoming a reality right before our eyes.

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