5 Signs You Need a Professional Mold Inspection

January 17, 2023

Did you know mold can cause health problems such as itchy eyes, stuffy nose, wheezing, and reddening of the throat, among other symptoms? Your reaction to mold can be more severe if you have asthma or are allergic. Mold can be an unsightly nuisance, but it can also risk your health.

A Mold Inspection in North Brunswick Township is required if you suspect you might have mold. Mold inspections can detect mold in your home and help you decide if mold removal services are necessary. Continue reading to find out more about the signs you should call professionals.

  • Visible mold growth is possible.

This is the most obvious sign of mold growth. It would help if you immediately inspect your home for mold spots on the ceilings, walls, floors, and other areas. It would help if you directly addressed any visible mold. Mold won’t magically disappear; you need to use special tools to eliminate it.

  • The Humidity is High

Mold can thrive in high-humidity areas. Your home’s relative humidity should be at most 60% but between 30 and 50%. Modern thermostats can measure the relative humidity in your house and alert you if it is too high.

You can combat high humidity and stop mold growth by using a shower fan, cleaning your air ducts, buying a dehumidifier, and properly ventilating your home. Your home may have high humidity if your rooms are damp, such as in your laundry room or bathroom.

  • Your Health Is Suffering

Toxic black mold can have adverse effects on your health. If you always feel sick, it could be a sign that you have a mold problem. Black mold can cause severe respiratory problems, skin irritation, rashes, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and skin rashes.

These effects can be even more severe if you have severe allergies, asthma, or other conditions that could affect your ability to breathe.

  • It’s a strong odor

Mold can have a musty odor that you might recognize in damp areas like basements. Mold can be found in many areas of your home, including your basement, bathroom, crawl spaces, and attic.

This smell may be more evident after heavy rains or extreme weather conditions.

  • Standing water in your home

Standing water can cause many problems around your home. Standing water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Standing water indoors is a perfect place for mold spores. Standing water is an excellent place for mold growth. The mold then spreads to other surfaces.

Are You in Need of a Mold Inspection?

Professionals should perform mold inspections if they suspect you may have mold in your house. Mold can cause serious problems, including health issues and damage to your home. It is easier and cheaper to address the problem as soon as it appears.

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