5 Types Of Outdoor Tables To Transform Your Patio Into A Dream

February 26, 2022

Do you have an empty backyard? It’s a great place to experiment and create something innovative. Have you searched for any ideas to make your backyard come alive? Yes, it can become the hub of relaxation and entertainment. There’s a lot you can do. Maybe you can utilize that space for gardening or having an outdoor dining area. Does it sound cool? The concept of outdoor eating is ancient when people sat around the fire to cook and eat. Having an outdoor dining area will beautifully enhance your backyard. Imagine having a barbecue party and enjoying the freshness of your yard. 

Ø  Type of outdoor tables for your patio

We often see people in movies and TV series having breakfast with elegance in their well-designed backyard. You might also feel like having one for yourself. You can execute this idea in your house too. And guess what? There are no hassles to it. Just a dining table with a few chairs, and then you are good to go. Keep in mind what you are choosing, as it’ll shape the entire look of your patio. Try to make it complement your interiors for seamless entertainment. Are you doubtful about the type of dining table to install? Let us help you!

o   Wooden tables- Wooden tables will feel like settling in the lap of nature. So, if you are looking for a rustic and minimalist look, this could be a perfect choice for your outdoor dining area. However, it needs proper care, and if ignored, it can lead to spoilage. For instance, if there is moisture, mites and molds can grow. One important thing to know is that wooden tables are subject to scratches. You can consider a gazebo to protect your beautiful wooden table from external wear and tear.

o   Glass tables- Glass ones are classic and never out of fashion. They are available in many styles and shapes. They are sturdy and can withstand all types of temperatures. Glasses are transparent and create an illusion of more space (Now you know what to do if you have a smaller courtyard!). Pair with transparent acrylic chairs and simply get in sync with nature.

o   Metal tables- Metal tables are an inexpensive way to add luxury to your backyard. They are versatile and are resistant to all weather conditions. But, some of them are prone to rust. Therefore, this type of table is not preferred in places with a lot of rainfall or near seas and water bodies (where the air is moist). For safer options, you can go for an aluminium one. Don’t forget to cover it during the rainy season.

o   Concrete tables- Concrete is elegant, sleek, and timeless. The main advantage is low maintenance and has no problem with weather and temperature. If you have a big backyard, it could be a perfect choice to install outdoor stone tables. In Sydney, Cast-In Concrete design can help you create a beautiful outdoor space to entertain your guests. They have an extensive range of concrete dining tables to fit your type and budget. Also, they can help you with the installation arrangements. They also offer bespoke concreting in sinks, planters, water bowls, and other such objects. We recommend using professionals for creating a concrete table that exudes charm and matches your persona.

o   Plastic tables- Plastic tables are used by many families because of their ease of maintenance and mobility (not to mention the minimal pricing!). Plastic tables are available in different colors. Also, it can withstand all weather conditions. There are many ways to decorate it, such as placing elegant tablecloths. Also, you can customize them. How about painting your own design on it? These tables are a great help to young families, families with kids, and pets.

The buck does not stop here. You could select a natural stone table or even a wicker one. Communicate with your family too and know their preferences. It is a significant investment — so take this step with caution and install the best one in the first go.

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