9 Interior Painting Tips for the DIY Painter

December 26, 2022

A lot of homeowners are familiar with basic painting preparation. It’s common for homeowners to know the basics of painting preparation. Did you know that a golfball can maintain paint quality and that microwaving tape can make it easier to manage?

A few more painting techniques can make DIY projects easier. Properly storing paint and using the correct tools will ensure that you avoid blemishes, cover surfaces evenly and keep it safe.

These nine DIY painting tips will help you improve your work and save you time, no matter if you are selling, remodeling your home, or just doing routine house maintenance.

  • Do not let your paint dry!

Half-empty paint cans will dry out. To fill any air gaps, drop golf balls in the paint can. Or, place plastic wrap underneath the lid and seal it tight.

  • Make sure you use the correct primer

Use a water-based primer when painting new drywall to cover imperfections and give a consistent base for color. An oil-based primer is recommended for paneling, smoke-saturated or water-damaged walls.

  • Avoid lap marks

To avoid paint smears from rolling over paint that is already drying, start by painting the entire wall at the highest point and then move over slightly to overlap the previous stroke.

  • Use a modified stirrer to mix paint

To mix paint better, make holes in the stirrer before you start stirring it. These holes allow paint to flow through the stirrer.

  • If you like, add texture

A roller with a 3/4″ nap will give your wall more texture. Because of the way the fibers distribute paint, the nap is the fabric covering the roller. Longer naps can cause more stippling to your wall. For the best finish, use a shorter nap roller — between 1/4″ and 1/2″.

  • Do not wash your rollers or brushes.

Latex paint doesn’t dry quickly so don’t clean your brushes and rollers if your project takes longer than a day. You can wrap your brushes or rollers in plastic bags or foil and place them in the fridge to stop latex paint drying quickly in cold temperatures. You should allow them to warm up completely before you use them.

  • Tape the problem

Sometimes, it is difficult to remove an older tape roll without tearing it or sticking. You can microwave the entire roll of painter’s tape for 10 seconds if it continues to peel.

  • Find out what paint is used on walls.

Are you unsure if the wall’s current paint is latex or oil? Use a cotton ball to rub the wall with rubbing alcohol. Paint residue on the cotton ball means that the paint is latex. Is there any paint on the cotton balls? The cotton ball will be painted over an oil-based paint. You will need to use an oil primer before you start interior painting in Vaughan.

  • Get a paint pen

A paint pen that allows you to load it with small amounts of your new color will be ideal for touchups. The paint will last for approximately a year after being filled. Just make sure to shake the pens well before using to ensure that the paint flows smoothly.

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