Brown spot on eye

April 11, 2023

Eye freckles are also called brown spots on the eyes. These small brown spots appear all over the eye. Although eye freckles are generally harmless, they can cause serious problems. They appear as brown spots within the eye’s sclera and the colored iris. These brown spots around the eyes are something to be concerned about.

What Causes Brown Spots in the White of Eyes?

These brown spots are known as conjunctival nevus by the medical community. Conjunctival nevus is a benign and non-cancerous growth. It appears as a brown spot on one side of the eye. This conjunctival lesion makes up more than 50% of all conjunctival lacerations. It’s more common in children. They can also be found on the iris of the eyes and are pretty familiar, with almost six out of 10 having one. Conjunctival nudes can cause alarm in people who don’t know about their existence.

These brown spots on the eyes are not considered cancerous but can irritate the eye’s surface. These brown spots can be irritating for sensitive eyes. You should see your eye doctor if you spot a brown area in your vision. This will help determine if the spot is benign or not.

The Most Common Causes Of Eye Freckles

Brown spots around the eyes are most commonly caused by conjunctival (eye freckles) nevus. Conjunctival Melanoma, a non-cancerous condition, comprises multiple nevi and nevi clusters. These brown spots appear in the eyes’ conjunctiva or iris.

Many factors can cause eye freckles. Eye freckles can be caused by the following:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Sun exposure
  • Certain diseases

You should not take lightly brown spots around the eyes. These nevi may develop into conjunctival melanomas in rare cases. These nevi appear as small, painful brown or pink spots. There are no other symptoms. These brown spots are not something to be concerned about in most cases. However, they could develop into an uncommon but potentially fatal ocular malignancy.

Conjunctival Nevus

Conjunctival Nevius is often characterized by the appearance of one or more brown spots around the eyes. These nevi can leak fluid or be accompanied by abnormal blood vessel growth in rare cases.

If you notice changes in the appearance of spots (size, color), you should contact your eye doctor to have them examined.

How can brown spots in the eye be diagnosed?

Most brown spots around the eyes are invisible and can be treated with a simple eye exam. Your eye doctor will examine your eyes during a routine examination. Your eye doctor may use a special camera to scan your eyes and detect abnormalities.

Your doctor will refer you to a specialist if a nevus is found. They may also perform a fluorescein retina stain or biopsy. A fluorescent eye stain test can be used to detect abnormalities and injuries in the eye. This is the best way to see Nevi. However, a biopsy is necessary for a final diagnosis.

A biopsy can be performed to determine if the nevus has malignancy or is benign. A biopsy removes a small amount of tissue from the affected area. The tissue is examined under a microscope to determine the reason for the brown spot.

How can you get rid of brown spots in your eyes?

If the nevus is not causing any problems, your eye doctor may recommend that you ignore it. Most patients will not have any permanent spots, but some brown spots might disappear independently.

If the spots become more severe or painful, your eye doctor should be able to remove them. Although a laser is the most common removal method, many other options exist.

A topical medication can be used to treat brown spots around the eyes. The drug is then applied to the area for several weeks until they disappear. The medication is then taken off, and the marks should disappear naturally.

If the nevus is malignant, your eye doctor may recommend removing it immediately. This can be performed with either a simple surgery or laser therapy.

How to Remove Brown Spots from Eyes Naturally: Is it Possible?

Removing brown spots from the eyes is possible, but it is not easy. There is no scientific evidence that this is possible.

Although some stories claim that it is possible, there are no scientific studies to support this.

Only medical intervention is safe for removing brown spots from the eyes. No one on their own should attempt it. You risk damaging your eyes which could lead to permanent vision loss.

Do You Have to Worry about Brown Spots in Your Eyes?

Brown spots around the eyes can be alarming, but they should not be considered a cause of concern. Consult your eye doctor if the sites are causing discomfort or affecting your vision. Your eye doctor can only determine the cause and whether they are benign by performing a physical exam.

It is essential to have regular eye exams to maintain your eye health. You may overlook small changes in your eyes’ appearance if you look at yourself in the mirror daily. You should not take a “let’s just see” approach regarding your eye health. Instead, visit your eye doctor at least once a year.

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