Buying “As-is”, Do You Still Need a Home Inspection

May 12, 2023

Why get a home inspection if you’re buying “as is”? Some sellers, often those who are working without an agent, want to sell their homes “as-is” to avoid having to spend money on repairs or assume any liability. It’s fine to buy a house “as-is,” especially if it is at a good price. But if the home is “as-is,” you should hire a professional home inspector for an inspection. This is for a number of reasons.

You don’t understand what “as-is” means. You can certainly walk around the house and get a general idea of its condition. You might even notice some obvious defects or items that need to be repaired. You won’t get the same level of detail if you hire an inspector. Home inspectors have been trained to find things that you may not notice. Home inspectors must, for instance, follow standard practices and inspect the roof, exterior and interior, foundation, basement and attic for defects. They also check for insulation, ventilation and doors and windows. You will be better equipped to decide whether to purchase a house after reading a detailed home inspection report. The information you get from a home inspection may help you negotiate a better price.

Many states also require that the seller provide you with a written disclosure of the condition and history of the property. Many sellers provide very little information and some even lie. Home inspections can fill in the gaps. An inspector’s finding that the seller lied or concealed information may indicate that you do not want to purchase a house from them.

If you purchase a house “as-is” and later find out that it has a defect, there is still hope. Home inspectors can review the disclosure of the seller and provide testimony as to what they knew or should have been aware. Inspectors may discover evidence that a seller misrepresented or hid relevant information. The seller of a “as-is” home can be held responsible for misrepresentation and concealment. The best option is to hire an inspector before buying a house. Home inspections are a small price to pay compared with the cost of the house. Hire a Home Inspection in Newport to be informed, especially if you are buying a “as-is” home.

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