Cottage lighting fixtures

March 31, 2023

Cottage lighting ideas are essential if you want to renovate your cottage. Lighting is often overlooked and should be removed from a finished room.

It is crucial to choose the right lights for your cottage decorating ideas.

A steel and oak chandelier is an excellent choice to create a rustic feel in your cottage. An industrial wall light might appeal more to you if your house has a rustic feel, says Mark Feldman (opens in new tab). A pair of white seashell lamps can be incorporated into a coastal cottage design. There are many great choices, so make sure to stick with your style and the lighting requirements of the room.

Cottage Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your House

Cottage lighting is not just about beautiful designs. However, it’s essential to consider the practical use of your lighting.

“Begin thinking about how you will use the space,” says Melanie Griffiths, editor of Period Living magazine. If you want to relax in the space, add layers of dimmable lamps or wall lights that can be adjusted to your liking. Good task lighting is essential if it’s a space like a kitchen.

You can make your cottage lighting unique with beaded chandeliers.

Are you looking for bold lighting designs for your dining rooms? Then it would be best to choose a plan that does not overwhelm the space but still grabs the eye.

“I love the idea that you can take an old-fashioned design element such as a chandelier and modernize it in a contemporary way like this wood bead chandelier.” It’s the perfect mix of traditional and modern and gives a new spin to a classic piece,” says Amy Leferink, Interior Impressions (opens in new tab).

Glass Shades to Increase the Throw of Light

Cottages are known for being dark. Your cottage lighting needs to be bright enough to lighten your room. A clear glass shade can help maximize the light throw from pendants.

A glass shade is elegant and minimalist, creating a stunning centerpiece above your dining room table. It also directs the light around the room rather than only downwards.

Transparent shades can be used as pendants or walls. They are great for small rooms, which cottages often have a lot of of. Glass shades that add visual interest to the space without overwhelming it. They also look great with various small-room ideas due to their neutral design.

With a handmade pendant, add character to a cottage living room.

Handcrafted pieces add richness to cottage interiors. Handmade lighting can add a unique touch to your cottage living space.

“We love to include something unexpected when lighting cottages. We add drama and ambient light to rooms without recessed lights. Luxe Light & Home’s branching fixture with hand-blown milky-glass globes is the whole charm – that is what cottage style is all about! We love the organic design. It’s a show-stopper! Susan Currie, Susan Currie Designs (opens in new tab).

Add heritage charm to your home with a mirrored sconce.

Mirrored sconces were essential in homes that were lit by candles. It was made to reflect light into the room by holding a single candle.

An updated design is the best choice for a modern cottage. It features an electric candle-style light against a vintage mirror. This provides practical lighting ideas for houses and also adds heritage charm. Wall sconces can make a big difference when working with low ceilings. They will increase the space’s volume and give it an architectural feel,’ Devin Shaffer, lead designer at Decorilla (opens in new tab).

For rooms with low ceilings, add a Rise and Fall pendant.

Since the 1900s, rise and fall lights have been around, and their names derive from their clever design. Unlike normal pendants with a fixed length, rise and fall lights are adjustable via a pull cord. This is an excellent option for cottages where you might be unable to install a fixed pendant. You can instead pull the light down as needed and push it up when finished.

Consider adding rise-and-fall pendant lights to your utility room and walk-in pantry ideas for a more flexible lighting solution.

Use Wall Lights to Create a Relaxing Ambience in Your Bathroom

Your cottage bathroom design should include lighting. This will make your bathroom feel warm and inviting. The key to creating the right atmosphere in your bathroom is lighting reflecting the sanctuary you want. Scarlett Blakey, the creative associate of Ophelia Blake Interior Design, says that symmetrical wall lights on either side of the wash basin will reduce shadows. A bold yet beautiful pendant light above the bay can make a big difference in the space’s appearance.

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