Dried flowers decor ideas

March 31, 2023

Decorating with dried flowers can bring nature’s beauty into your home year-round.

Dried flowers were popular in Victorian times and are a great alternative to fresh flowers.

Although fresh flowers can bring life to a space, they have a short lifespan. Dry flowers, however, can last for many months without re-arranging. This makes them an easier way to decorate with flowers.

There are many ways to display dried flowers in your home. We’ve collected some of our top creative ideas and tips to help you get inspired.

Decorating with dried flowers – where to start

There are many options for decorating with dried flowers. However, it is possible to buy pre-dried blooms. It is much more fun to collect the ingredients from your garden.

Drying flowers is an age-old art. It is an excellent way of preserving beautiful flowers from the garden. We have a step-by-step guide that will show you how dry flowers are. A wedding bouquet can be kept as a treasured keepsake.

Melanie Griffiths, the editor of Period Living magazine, says that drying flowers is a beautiful way to preserve treasured flowers for many years. It will also keep happy memories of summer alive through the seasons.

Another way to preserve flowers is to press them. You can create stunning artwork for your home by learning how to press flowers.

Fill a Jam Jar

Jam jars produce jars, and even scraps from charity shops make lovely holders for hand-tied bouquets.

We used bunny tails and daisies and flax, eucalyptus, and flax for texture and variety.

Gradually add flowers to one’s hand by adding longer stems. Add two to three stops at a time to create a round look. Twist the posy to keep equal flowers.

Use florist wire to tie the ends and trim the ends so that the posy fits into the jar perfectly.

Make a pretty centerpiece for your table.

This dried flower garland, one up on fresh flowers, is an excellent fall decor idea that can be used repeatedly.

We used rose buds, Matricaria, flax, flax, and daisies.

All flowers should be cut to 10 cm in length. Then, attach groups of identical flowers with florist wire. Use a lengthy garland to tie some eucalyptus stems. Start at one end and push flowers into the wreath. Secure with florist wire. As you add more flowers, mix them up until they are complete.

To hide the wiring, finish with three groups of flowers pushed in the opposite direction.

Hang A Wreath

This dried wreath can bring cheer to a wall or as an Easter wreath.

Start by making a grapevine wreath. We used mimosas, eucalyptus, and bunny tails to arrange the stems and flowers.

Place the first group of flowers at the wreath’s base. Make sure to place the stems facing down. Cover the wire with florist wire to secure it in place. Continue with the next group of blooms, covering the wire at the head. Continue to the center, then go in the opposite direction.

Cover the stems with helichrysum flower head heads and finish off.

Make a Pretty Posy for a Vase

The dried flowers make a beautiful display or a lasting gift idea.

You can separate stems into groups. We used bunny tails delphinium, oats, gypsophila, grasses, daisies, and statice.

Begin with the shorter stems first, and keep them longer. Next, add the shorter stems to the back of the arrangement.

Gradually cover the stems with rounded flowers. Attach florist wire to the branches, keeping them long and trimming to tidy. Finish the job by wrapping the stems in ribbon and adding a bow.

Create a Floral Napkin Ring

This beautiful dining room decor idea features a dried flower napkin ring. It is the perfect way for you to beautify your place settings.

We used mimosas, daisies, bunny tails, and gypsophila. To make the ring base, wrap a length of florist wire in a circle. Then wind the wire around the ring supporting the structure.

Take a few flowers and snip off the long stems.

Wrap the wire around its edge and then secure it with more wire. For a neat finish, trim the ends of the wire.

Decorate A Mantelpiece

Dried flowers can be used to decorate your fireplace.

Star + The Rose created this custom arrangement with sculptural twigs. Honesty, ruscus, and ferns. It makes a beautiful fall decor idea. It is more summery than bright, emphasizing muted colors and sculptural shapes.

Adorn A Mirror

A beautiful way to add a feminine touch to a dressing room or a guest room is to crown a mirror with a flower arrangement. Layla Robinson created this display to combine flowers’ vibrant, tactile wild feel with a faded classical style of glamour and luxury.

Layla says the book features strawflowers in shades ranging from peach, cream, apricot, bracken, and foraged birch. She also used ornamental Grass-like bunny tails, quaking grass, and miscanthus Sinensis. ‘And for a pop in color, acid yellow buttons, and purple xeranthemum.

Display Arrangements in a Decorative Dome

It is a beautiful way to preserve arrangements in their best condition by displaying dried flowers in domes.

Take the measurements of your chosen flowers and compare them to the dome size. We used daisies, poppy heads, bunny tails, and mimosa. There should be a gap of a few centimeters between the flower heads & the glass.

For the base, shape a piece from the dry oasis. Wrap the raffia around the sides and attach it to the bottom of the dome with double-sided tape. Push the oasis towards the center by starting with the giant flowers.

Place the grasses and flowers in a shorter manner around them. The rest of the oasis block should be covered with shorter stems and foliage of mimosa flowers.

Use Vintage Jugs to Display Dry Flowers

You might love decorating with old objects. Why not display a dried bouquet inside a vintage jug? Vintage pieces are a great way to make a unique display. They look lovely on a mantelpiece or as a centerpiece in a cottage-style kitchen.

This arrangement by Dot & Dandelion (opens in new tab) features delicate honesty, colorful strawflowers, and sculptural grasses. It sings against a dark background.

If you decorate with dried flowers, ensure they are not in direct sunlight. Flicky Wallace, floral studio Dot & Dandelion, says flowers can fade if exposed to too much sunlight.

Display and Dry Fragrant Flowers

You can dry your herbs and flowers at home, but you also want to make beautiful displays by attaching bunches to a wreath.

Make bundles of herbs and flowers by cutting them. Attach each bundle to a wreath by tying it with twine. The whole wreath can be hung with plaited twine, rope, or rope tied to all four sides.

Finish the display by adding ribbons to the bundles. You can also weave flowers into the wreath frame for a beautiful presentation.

Flicky Wallace, floral studio Dot & Dandelion, says flowers should be dried between 5-10 stems in bunches. Otherwise, the flowers in the middle of the stems will rot.

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