Everyone Is Dressing Like Kim Possible Right Now

March 9, 2023

Sometimes we look to TV and movies for inspiration when we are stumped. We have channeled our Elle Woods, refashioned a plaid skirt with leather, just like the ladies from The Craft, and are now ready to embrace & the ’80s styling. Kim Possible is the best choice if you want to dress up like any Disney Channel icon for fall 2022. Basics are back, and Cargo pants are still strong, making this special outfit the ultimate combination.

Kim’s entire look will remain the most popular until next year. Similar pairings were seen at New York Fashion Week. We saw them at Tibi, where Amy Smilovic sent a long-sleeved, black shirt with leather cargo pants down their runway.

Fendi is also on board. The brand’s Resort 2023 collection featured a cargo pocket skirt and sheer top combination that was slightly sexier with a hint of sparkle. It’s a refreshing take on Kim Possible’s signature look.

People are also wearing Kim Possible on the catwalk. You can see why the famous cartoon character’s outfit will be so popular from now through next summer.

A black tank and green cargo pants are great for warmer days. Once the weather cools, you can swap out the top for a black turtleneck.

This three-piece outfit is easily customizable to your style. You can swap her boots for heels or a turtleneck with a printed print. You can also add fun accessories, such as layers of necklaces and statement earrings.

Kim is showing off her midsection with a crop top. But you can embrace fall’s cozy and cute vibes by adding an oversized sweatshirt. This look is great for brunch, the office, or simply chilling at home with a friend.

Kim’s black combat boots are still in use for 2022 (and even 2023), but they’re not your only option for finishing off your outfit. Slip-on sandals for warmer days are a great option. While heels can spice things up, you can also use white sneakers.

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