Farmhouse walk in shower

March 31, 2023

Yes, farmhouse shower designs can be done successfully. While the functional lines of a regular shower might lend themselves to something other than the rustic warmth of farmhouse style immediately, there are many ways to add the farmhouse look to the space.

You can create a farmhouse bathroom with a separate space or a standalone cubicle. Critical decorative choices in fixtures and flooring will allow you to achieve the minimalist but elegant bathroom designs that are right for you.

Farmhouse Shower Ideas

You can complement existing farmhouse bathrooms or use the small space in a shower room to experience this rustic-luxe look for the first time. In farmhouse shower design, you will find elements such as wood, metalwork, smooth tile, and slight color.

Connor Prestwood, interior design at home decor brand Dowsing & Reynold (opens in new window): ‘HTMO_ Modern farmhouse style has been growing in popularity, especially in shower and bath rooms’ It’s the authenticity and character of these spaces that make us want to be relaxed and at peace with ourselves.

“Modern farmhouses are all about natural elements and chunky furniture seamlessly paired with modern fixtures and fixings to create the perfect balance.

Combining Tiles and Wood

You can create farmhouse-style showers with porcelain wood-look tiles or natural wood cladding.

Amala Swenson, a San Diego-based interior designer, shares her thoughts on combining larger-sized subway tiles to give a modern farmhouse a classic look.

“I create accent walls in porcelain tile by mixing different wood-look tiles. This creates drama but is still cohesive enough to be matched with subway tiles.

This mixed-material approach may be used in your farmhouse cooking ideas with tile and wood.

Use A Monochrome Palette

Farmhouse decor ideas can have richer tones, but the more muted tones are most popular – especially shades of grey, white, and black.

Bevan Talbott, an interior designer at Bevan & Co in Connecticut, suggests mixing clean lines and natural textures when creating a farmhouse shower.

“Next, add high-contrast finishes such as dark bronze hardware or black grout on white tiles.

Enjoy the Beauty of Natural Stone

Walk-in shower ideas require imaginative tiling to match the farmhouse shower room style. Natural stone’s unique patterns, colors, and textures make it an attractive choice for fitting bathroom tiles. This is why a farmhouse shower room looks so beautiful, despite being luxurious.

To make a unique wet room shower, you can take advantage of the beauty and versatility of stone by using different sizes and laying patterns.

Pack a Pattern Punch with Tiles

The minimalist farmhouse look is achieved with simple white metro tiles and a black-framed enclosure for the shower. But it’s the tiles that stand out in this photo.

‘I think it’s essential to push the boundaries and introduce juxtaposition with textiles, patterns, and artwork that may not feel traditionally “farmhouse-Inspired,”‘ says Los Angeles-based interior designer Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors(opens in new tab), who created this scheme.

“Keeping an eye on the traditional background and adding a wow factor is one of our tricks when we put a modern spin to it.

Use warm and cool tones.

Consider how many you would like to use if you are looking for bathroom colors to decorate your farmhouse shower. There are still options to add warmth and depth to your bathroom using complementary colors.

Merrill Alley, principal at Austin-based interior design firm Urbanspace (opens in new tab): “I like to play around with light and dark contrast tones in the material pallet,”

“I love how lighter wood works well with the warm grey tones in grey marble stone.

Get Rustic with Cabinetry

Any shower room style can feel cold, so it is essential to warm up your farmhouse shower with wood.

Amala Raj Swenson, an interior designer from San Diego, says, “For cabinetry, I love using natural wooden tones.”

“I think most people will stick with white Shaker, but if you add more color to your space, it can have an extra vibrancy.

“The wood tones achieve the perfect farmhouse look without looking too heavy.”

Wraparound Patterns in the Shower Enclosure

Wetroom ideas are compatible with farmhouse shower designs, provided you use materials that have a rustic edge. This will help to define the space in the bathroom.

Black and white tiles are timeless design icons. A rustic scheme will look great with a lighter brown or grey tone, especially if you have wood floors.

Glass for a ‘Barely There” Look

You can create the exact look even if your wet room needs to tanked. A frameless glass shower screen with an inset tray and a shower tray will do.

For a rustic feel, choose large format floor tiles in natural stone or slate to give your room a farmhouse look.

Choose Brass for Added Luxury

A farmhouse shower design can have metal fixtures that are either sleek and industrial or shiny and glam. The room has both and features a black shower screen contrasting with brass taps, wall lights, and shower rails.

Amala Raj Swenson, the interior designer, says that she prefers chrome and brushed brass when creating contemporary farmhouse styles. Both of these finishes give the space a “jewelry” feel.

Pay attention to the finishing touches.

The details are what elevate even the most basic farmhouse shower designs.

A vintage sign, an old frame repurposed into a mirror, and even a seat are just a few of the personal touches you’ll find in this minimalist metro tile shower.

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