Fashion professionals share their tips on how to layer winter clothes

March 9, 2023

My knowledge of layering clothes was minimal until recently. To me, layering various knits and fleece-lined dresses was a way to survive in cold weather, not fashion. Imagine my surprise when I realized I could look cute and warm, too.

It can be challenging to forecast winter. It can take time to predict winter weather. Andrea Jagaric is the chief designer at Aerie and says that layering clothes will help you be prepared for any situation.

Jagaric told InStyle that the colder months give us more choices when it comes time to pick what to wear and then gave tips on which pieces to buy. Look for versatile options that allow you to mix and match different looks. You can combine activewear with timeless staples like a sherpa vest or button-down.

Layering gives you a chance to experiment with pieces in your closet. You can experiment with textures, colors, weights, patterns, and fabrics.

You don’t need to go overboard with layering clothes. There are many ways to do this without making them look bulky. Below are the top tips and helpful advice from fashion professionals for layering garments.

According to Malissa, Express executive vice president and chief merchandise officer, a vest allows you to have fun with different collars and statement sleeves. You have many options, including knitted vests like sweater vests or puffers that feel more athleisure-like. This piece can add color to your basic staples or add some flair.

Akay says, “To add some excitement to your look, we recommend pairing a vest and balloon sleeves top or lightweight blouse that compliments the style of the vest.”

You might be tempted to ditch your tight jeans and form-fitting tops on cold days. Instead, opt for looser options like baggy trousers or even sweats. It’s okay to dress up your loungewear quickly by adding a tailored jacket.

Akay says, “Adding a jacket to your comfortable joggers or essential tee look, you can instantly transform your outfit from loungewear into a sophisticated and timeless classic.” This same tip can be applied to layering a jacket over a hoodie. It will look fashionable, as well as be super warm.

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