Feral Girl Fall is Upon Us

March 9, 2023

The hot summer was short-lived last year when the Omicron variant struck. The world fell, and wintered of climbing cases ensued. Our “vaxed, waxed” dreams were over. We had to give up on them and go indoors to live in our sweats for another season.

Fashion can provide hope and light in times of grief and turmoil. Our visions of standing shoulder to shoulder with strangers in sweaty bars abruptly stopped. Our clothes saved us and allowed us to live our wildest fantasies. What did the result look like? The result?

Thanks to vaccines, double-booted queens are out on the streets in their best Friday outfits. This trend isn’t just for bar-goers and party-goers; it’s for everyone. Starbucks? Wear a halter-neck top. Do you have a few things to do? Wear a bra top and your favorite slouchy pants. Celebrities are now sporting skin-bared looks. This trend is spreading to Gen Z, millennials, and others.

Fugitive girl fall is here, whether you are ready for girls’ nights out or want to embrace the sexy style. These are the top trends you can incorporate into your daily wardrobe.

Gen Z quickly adopts baggy pants and tiny tops as their uniform. Today, shirts once reserved for clubs are commonplace in everyday life, such as grocery shopping and office visits. Celebrities have inspired us to embrace halters, upside-down tops, and ultra-cropped tops — many of which are worn by Dua Lipa, who transformed plunging tops into picnic clothing.

Although wearing a bra under a shirt outside of the gym or house might seem strange, it has become a popular trend in recent years. Layer this piece of lingerie with a t-shirt or underneath a blazer if you don’t want to show your bra.

A pair of low-rise jeans is the perfect Y2K look. They have been making a comeback since the advent of the early aughts. The revival of this controversial look can be credited to celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Bieber. But don’t worry about your waist shrinking — it can help lengthen your torso

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