February 13, 2023

Because of my extensive experience in the construction sector in Colorado, home inspection in palm springs are a natural fit. I have extensive experience in all phases of construction and I am familiar with what makes a home system work.

After I moved to Palm Springs, I worked as a home warranty representative and later started a home inspection section. They really helped me understand the importance of structural and mechanical elements during a home inspection. This enabled me to create reports and build relationships with local realtors.

In the 1990’s, Palm Springs was still a young industry. It took them around a year to recognize the conflict of interest between their home warranties and an in-house inspection company. They basically gave me the opportunity to run this business myself, which was great for me. Their support is still a huge blessing to me.

My first home inspection took place in Palm Springs in 1995.

Today Property Inspection in Palm Springs

Home inspections weren’t something that was on most people’s radar when they first got into this business. People have come to realize the importance of looking at what is most likely their largest purchase with all their eyes open.

Customer feedback is a rewarding experience and an incentive to improve my job satisfaction. A client recently asked us to inspect a new construction under 1-year warranty. Our infrared camera revealed that the guest room exterior wall was missing insulation. The developers were able to finish the work before their warranty expired.

Managing a Home Inspection Business in Palm Springs

Because they often don’t think about it until they move in, I am available to them anytime they have questions or concerns.

This type of follow up makes a huge difference in customer satisfaction and relationships. I enjoy helping people learn about their new homes and am happy to share my professional opinion.

Since 1996, my wife and I have been running this business together. We have found that we make a great team and work well together.


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