How To Clean Windows And Your 10 Essential Window Cleaning Tools

December 8, 2022


Many people say that your eyes are the windows of your soul. Can we therefore consider our home’s windows the windows to our soul?

The window panes provide a view of our home to anyone who isn’t inside. They also provide a view from outside our home. This allows us to see our beautiful surroundings. It is important to know how to clean windows.

It can be tedious and exhausting. There are many window cleaning tools that can be used and must be prepared. Are you familiar with the steps of window cleaning and how to prepare?

What equipment do I need to clean windows?

What are the most important window cleaning tools? What should they do? Here’s everything you need to know about the 10 tools for window cleaning. We also explain how to use them and what order they should be used.


This is something that many people overlook. Before you start cleaning your windows, measure the area and determine how high it will be.

To clean your windows from the highest point, you’ll need a stool or ladder. You may find your windows are a bit far from the ground. This could make window cleaning difficult. It is important to know how to clean windows correctly.

Cleaning windows and exteriors of high-rise properties can lead to injury or death. Singaporean media have reported on cases. Cleaning companies will have to follow guidelines regarding window cleaning. Learn more about’s window cleaning policies. Our innovative cleaning services are able to clean exterior windows for you with just a squeegee and a long rod.


This is secondly the well-known protective gear that all professional cleaners use. Excessive use of cleaning products and dishwasher liquids can dry your hands. Research has shown this. They will become wrinkled and old from the chemicals. Ask your grandma or grandmother, and they’ll be fervently display their “battle scars” while nodding.

Remember to wear gloves when cleaning windows. Rubber gloves made for heavy duty cleaning are also very useful. It helps you avoid leaving fingerprints on clean windows panes during cleaning.


This step is often overlooked. Before you begin the wet cleaning process, remove all dust and debris from your windows, railings, and grills.

Your window frames, sills and grills can have accumulated dirt and dust over the years. All that can be removed by knowing how to properly clean windows! To get into the nooks and crevices of your windows, use a vacuum with crevice tools. They can come in handy when you need to reach difficult-to-reach places. You can use the crevice tool to clean up hair, pebbles and crumbs from sliding glass rails. This tool makes spring cleaning easy for all members of your family.


A duster can also be used to remove dust from corners, gutters and window grills. This is the most common cleaning tool in Singaporeans’ homes.

A feather duster, a brush or a handheld sweeper can all be used. First, make sure to clean the windowsills, frames and grills before cleaning. This is a quick and easy way to get rid of leaves, cobwebs, nests, and insect eggs. A duster works best when you want your children to help with the spring cleaning. Family cohesion is enhanced when everyone knows how to clean windows correctly.


The microfibre cloth is another effective tool for removing dirt and dust. Microfibres, synthetic fibres that absorb water up to ten times their weight, are a great tool for cleaning dirt and dust. It is a great tool for window cleaning. It can be used to clean your windows screens.


First, clean the windowsills with water. Spray or splatter can be used to clean the windows. Spray the cleaning solution on the window panes. To wipe the window panes, use a microfiber cloth or a glass wiper. Then rinse the pane with clean water. Allow it to air dry before you put the screens back on. This is a bonus tip. Use microfibre cloths to absorb excess water from your window panes when you use a squeegee.


This may sound familiar if you’ve ever seen your grandmother clean the windows. You can also use old, but clean, newspapers to save the environment. They can be laid flat to absorb any drips. Use them as a stick or ball to clean your windows. Your windows will be sparkling clean! Newspapers are also an option if you don’t have microfibre cloth, or find them too costly or difficult to buy.


You have two choices: either make your own window cleaner or buy one from a commercial seller (e.g. NTUC


Do you notice streaks on your glass when you wash them with water? This is because you’ve been doing it wrong all along!

Here’s what you need to do. Mix 50% white vinegar with 50% distilled water to make a natural window cleaner. Avoid tap water, as it may contain mineral deposits that can cause lines and stains. You can then store the water in a spray bottle for later use. For stains that are particularly severe, you may want to add a tablespoon of household ammonia.

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