How to Find a Good Mechanic

February 3, 2023

A good mechanic is like an excellent dentist or doctor. You should stay with the mechanic you find once you’ve found them. They are worth every penny. The trick is to find one in the first instance. We have done the hard work for you. We have mastered the essentials of how to find a great or good mechanic that you will want to work with over the long-term.

Why should you choose a good mechanic?

Owning a car can be a costly purchase. Cars can be your second largest asset, after your family home. You should therefore seek out a mechanic who will take care of your investment in your best interest. You are entrusting the person with your safety and that of your family.

Modern car repairs and servicing can be extremely complex. Many car controls are computerized and have multiple systems or computers. These include controlling engine emissions, valve timing, ABS, and dashboard displays. Your car may have up to 2000 signals at once. Many people are not car-savvy and may not know how to maintain or fault locate these systems. You need a mechanic that can explain to you what your car needs and how to get it back on track.

What is the difference between maintenance and repair?

It is important to know the difference between maintenance or repair before you choose your mechanic.

  • These items are listed in your vehicle’s service manual. These items are designed by the manufacturer to keep your car in good running condition.
  • Repairs are however works that are required to fix or rectify a problem with your vehicle.

The choice of who you choose may depend on what needs to be done and your preference for convenience

Routine Maintenance

The dealer that you bought your car from does not have to perform routine maintenance. Routine maintenance could be either a routine vehicle service, or a logbook service. These services can be performed by any independent mechanic or franchise and are usually less expensive than dealerships.


The dealer that you bought the car does not have to perform normal repairs. A car’s repairs can be simple as replacing worn out brakes, or simple headlight repair. More complex issues may include a transmission overhaul or diagnosing an issue with a computer.

Warranty Claims

Your car should be returned to the manufacturer’s dealer center if it has been subject to a manufacturer recall. The work will be free under a manufacturer recall claim. These cars can range from recent models to older vehicles, such as those that are 10 years old. There are many warranties that you can apply to your car, including a government statutory warranty, warranty, an extension warranty or any other purchased or provided warranty. You should check that your warranty covers the specific issue you have. Reputable independent mechanics might be able service warranty issues. They may even be able diagnose the problem and tell you whether it is better to take your car to a dealer or specialist repairer.


Before the advent of mobile mechanics and breakdown services, people used to take their cars to a nearby shop or a convenient stationary workshop. There are many reputable mobile mechanics that will come to your home at a time and place that is convenient for you, in a world where time is more valuable and stressful. This is becoming more popular because it allows you to have work done whenever and wherever you need it.

7 Tips for Finding Your Great Mechanic

After you have determined the type of car work you need and what is most convenient, it’s time to find a competent operator.

Although independent mechanics are more convenient than dealers and can save you money on repairs, finding the right one can be difficult. These 7 tips will help you find the right mechanic, whether you need one for your vehicle or a stationary shop.

Are they able to offer a warranty or guarantee on their work?

It is a YES. Because they want to ensure that their work meets the highest standards and is high quality, a good mechanic will offer a guarantee. Ask about the warranties to make sure you understand what they cover. Good warranties cover both parts and labor. coverage for 12 month or 20,000 km is a sign that they are skilled in their work. If you plan to travel across Australia, make sure you have coverage that covers you everywhere. Some warranties might only cover you in your home state.

Are they competently qualified and experienced?

It is important to ensure that your mechanic has the right qualifications to work on your particular make and model of vehicle. A manufacturer may give certification to mechanics who are qualified and skilled in the servicing and repair of a particular type of vehicle. A four-year apprenticeship in the industry is the most common way to become a mechanic in auckland. This is the most prestigious standard for mechanics. An experienced mechanic may also take additional certification courses to enhance their skills. They might be able to specialize in particular types of car repairs, which could add value to their work.

To work on your car’s electrical system, you may need to hire a certified automotive electrician. Some mechanics can also be electricians. Larger automotive repair shops will usually have at least one certified automotive electrician.

Experience – There’s no substitute for experience

Ask your mechanic when they became qualified, and what their experience was. A mechanic who has been in the trade for a longer time will usually be qualified.

  • They can be more economical because they have simplified their routine maintenance and repairs processes.
  • They may be more able to diagnose the problem faster because they have been able to work on many vehicles with similar symptoms and problems.
  • You will have more experience with a variety brands and models of cars.

Ask them how long they’ve been in Business. This is a sign that they care about their customers and do their job well.

Are they members of reputable industry associations?

You should look for mechanics who are members of or affiliated with trade organizations and local or national automotive associations. Although these are not qualifications, they can increase your confidence when hiring them. Make sure the mechanics and the business have the right qualifications. VACC, IAME, and VASA memberships are good indicators that the business has qualified mechanics and is professionally run.

Look at their reviews and reputation

Satisfied customers will recommend a trustworthy mechanic to others. If you ask, they’ll have many testimonials from their customers. It is generally true that unhappy customers are vocal, regardless of whether they are justified. Businesses with positive reviews will still be successful. The internet and social media make it easy to find reviews and read what customers have to say about a business.

First, check the website of the business. Many businesses will have their own webpage for customer reviews. Don’t give too much weight on individual reviews. Instead, look at the overall impressions of the business. One customer might have a negative experience. This could be due to a variety of factors that were beyond their control, or unrelated to the work done.

Reputable review sites

These sites make it easy to search for reviews and reputation. Even the most highly rated businesses can disappoint on bad days or customers might have had a rough day. These sites can help you identify businesses that aren’t looking out for your customers. This will let you see how well they communicate with customers and how serious they are about protecting their reputation.

Google Reviews

Google searches for a brand, name, or business will often return many results. These include a Google Reviews rating and review platform from Google. It’s one of the most useful tools for shoppers.

Other Sources

You might also consider other automotive websites and review platforms that can be used to provide information and reviews. Like most businesses, auto mechanics who are good at what they do rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising to drive new business. Ask around to your family, friends, and colleagues. You will find that they all have cars that need maintenance. Particularly if they are the same make or model as you. It is very unlikely that people will recommend you to a company who has treated them poorly.

Are They Using the Right Technology and Equipment?

A good mechanic will have all the tools needed to do routine maintenance and repairs. Ask them about their tools, and ensure they have the latest tools for today’s vehicles. A computer scanner will be available to perform a diagnostic check of your vehicle’s various systems. The diagnostics computer communicates with your vehicle’s computers to identify any problems. Computer systems are now embedded in vehicles. A good mechanic will be able to perform computer scans and diagnoses.

What type of parts do they use?

OEM – Original-Equipment-Manufacturer

Dealers and vehicle manufacturers sell and supply spare parts that match original components. These are OEM (original-equipment-manufacturer) components. OEM products are simply rebrands of other brands. This is often the case with parts and consumables, such as brakes, oils and lubricants.

Aftermarket components

These parts are made by companies to be used as replacement parts for OEM components. Bosch, Champion and NGK are some of the most well-known brands. Aftermarket manufacturers often produce OEM components.

Remanufactured Parts

These components include those that have been dismantled, repaired and rebuilt by an remanufacturing firm. These components are often complex, such as transmissions or engines, or other electrical components. They will repair, replace, or readjust any items that have become damaged or worn out, and then reassemble, seal, and lubricate them.

Aftermarket and remanufactured parts are often more affordable and just as good. Remanufactured and aftermarket parts can help you save a lot on any repair work you might need.

Do you have the parts that you need?

Independent mechanics can use any combination or aftermarket, genuine, and remanufactured components. The option to choose the type of part you want for your vehicle may be offered. To save money, you may be able supply your own parts. You should make sure that it is the correct part to avoid wasting time and money. It could cost you more to replace or repair the part if it fails.

Something Practical – Start With Something Small

It is best to get a mechanic in place before something major happens. At your next routine service, you can test out the professionalism and skills of a mechanic. This is the best time to get to know your mechanic. For peace of mind, ask all the questions.

Ask for a copy of any parts that have been taken out. Trust a mechanic who will take the time to explain your problem(s) and provide proof.

Ask your mechanic if they are comfortable with you being there to watch them work. This could be a sign that the mechanic is proud of their work. Good mechanics will likely share other pertinent information about your vehicle with you.

A trustworthy business will be able to win your trust and make you feel at ease because you are a new customer. Good mechanics and businesses will be excited about educating customers and you wanting to learn more and offer useful tips.


Make sure the mechanics and business owners have the right qualifications, memberships and experience. They should also be able to offer an Auckland-wide warranty on the quality of their work and the parts they provide. An excellent reputation online and through word of mouth is a good indicator of the quality and treatment of their customers. The mobile mechanics are a great alternative to traditional stationary workshops.

A mechanic can be trusted as a resource and advisor. You can trust that they will be honest and trustworthy because they have specialized knowledge. These tips will help you find the perfect mechanic. Once you have found it, stick with them like glue. A good mechanic will save you money, make your life easier, and save you time.


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