Is It Possible To Check Whether A Vehicle Has Been Scrapped Previously? Know More

February 21, 2022

Purchasing a used vehicle can prove to be an extended process. But, the experience can be very satisfying, especially if you can obtain the same with a bit of a bargain. However, before you even reach that stage, you need to ensure that you carry out your due diligence and research everything related to the history of the vehicle that you’re buying. 

While the researching part can be intensive, it would be worthwhile in the long run. And of those research criteria include – making sure that the vehicle hasn’t been scrapped before. 

Learning The Basics

According to a reliable organisation offering services such as selling my car in Auckland, a scrapped car is defined as a car that’s not fit to be driven on the road. It means that the car is either too dangerous or damaged to be driven on the road. 

While some scrapped vehicles can be a good source for spare vehicle parts, they are generally recycled at large. So, you need to ensure that the seller is not selling you a previously scrapped vehicle and thus scamming you in the process. 

The bad news is that – every year there are many genuine buyers – who get duped into buying previously scrapped vehicles. Even though you may believe that the changes can be slim, you still need to make sure that you’re investing in the correct place. 

Vehicles that have been scrapped previously and then bought by innocent buyers unknowingly can pose a threat to their life & health (including their loved ones). 

What’s The Difference Between A Scrapped & Written-Off Vehicle?

A vehicle is written off when the repairs to make the vehicle roadworthy outweigh the current total value of the vehicle. Hence, a written-off vehicle isn’t the same as a scrapped vehicle. 

It should be known that written-off vehicles are not directly sent to the scrap yard because they can still be potentially repaired later on. So, if the owner decides to pay for the repairs, even though the cost of the repairs is more than the current vehicle value, then the vehicle will again be driven on the road. Such is not the case with scrapped vehicles because they’re not roadworthy right from the start and no repairs can bring them to a workable condition. 

Thus, it’s essential to learn the differences between a scrapped & written-off vehicle, so that you can make out what you’re buying. 

Wrapping Up

In conclusion – yes – you can find out whether a vehicle has been scrapped before. All you have to do is to perform in-depth research on the ownership history of the vehicle and you’ll be good to go. 

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