Kim Shui’s Spring 2023 Collection Featured a Crowdsourced Pixel Dress and Sexy Sheer Designs

March 9, 2023

This season’s Kim Shui was all about double-dipping on what it means to be a Kim Shui girl. She’s strong. She’s strong, according to her definition of the word.

On Monday night, the Spring 2023 collection was revealed in Grand Central Station’s corridor to an eager crowd. Shui spoke with InStyle and said that the clothes were inspired by the community who wears them. “Our brand was created online. Shui says that all these people were reposting my clothing, and that’s how I started to grow. It’s an ode.

Shui points out that access to such a busy and public setting was part of the attraction when selecting the location for the show. The backstage area where models were lined up was an open space, which was visible to commuters as well as people walking by. Shui claims that Spring 2023 featured 40 looks. However, it was the biggest show for the designer to date. Shui said she wasn’t nervous. Instead, she was ready to connect all of the parts of the show and present her new creations to the rest.

Shui started her brand after working as a pattern cutter in New York for small brands. Her designs have been worn by everyone from Wendy Williams to Lizzo, Kylie Jenner to Bella Hadid. Shui loves that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to her brand. “What is most unique about the brand? We bring all kinds of women together with the clothes.

Shui’s art is characterized by her ability to combine different textures and patterns. This is a critical component of her work. Shui, an Asian-American raised in Italy, says that in that period, she became interested in fashion and realized that she was unique.

“We grew up in the suburbs, Italy, and were the only Asian family. She said there was no way she would be the same as everyone else. I can recall picking between two outfits on my first day of school. It was either the all-black outfit similar to everyone else or the full lilac jumpsuit with all my crazy beadings. She picked the jumpsuit and hasn’t looked back.

Shui’s best work is when she mixes different elements. The cutouts, crop tops, and sheer details are reminiscent of the Internet. However, Shui also experimented with silhouettes inspired by female warriors.

“There are four stories about these ancient beauties of China, each with a strength that they are well-known for. That story was to be told through the clothes. We then see several mythical references and traditional Chinese motifs, which I play with and repeat several times,” she tells me.

As models ambled down Grand Central’s halls, one dress with a custom-printed crowdsourced image appeared. Attendees flocked to their phones to snap the moment. This was a stunning look, especially for those in the front row that included Saucy Santana and Lauren Jauregui, Foushee, and James Charles. Kim Shui’s show was also closed by Isabelle Harrison, the WNBA player. She wore a beautiful purple train.

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