Kourtney Kardashian reveals that her Sustainable Boohoo Collab is Making Noise Is a Good Thing

March 9, 2023

What happens when you combine a fast fashion brand with a celebrity and the promise to be sustainable? There was a bit of backlash. This is precisely what happened when Boohoo announced its new sustainable line.

She says, “I know it’s making some sound, but that’s the purpose,” before today’s launch of boohoo.com. “Hopefully, this is making people aware that this [fast fashion] issue exists. It’s a topic that I see a lot of, but I believe it is essential.

Kardashian was one of many to be approached by the brand with the idea of a sustainable collection. She knows that sustainability and fast fashion are not compatible historically. After pondering it, Kardashian realized it would enable her to use her platform for social change.

She says, “I have done a quick fashion collab in my past without any purpose behind it. So this is probably the first one with a motivation and intention behind it.” “Using my platform as a starting point for conversation and making small changes, I believe small changes are essential and can impact the world.

She says that she has selected vintage jackets and T-shirts, so they are selling them. Kardashian is well aware that, no matter what brand a piece may be, quality is the most important thing to make it a lasting staple in someone’s wardrobe.

Gap leather pants are some of my most beloved pants. They’ve been with me for 20 years. Many of my inspiration pieces were timeless pieces that I had worn repeatedly. It’s almost like retraining people who shop fast fashion to pause and consider what they’re purchasing and whether it’s something they will want for an extended period.

Kardashian claims she has become a more aware shopper after designing the line and talking to industry professionals.

“I pause to think about the clothes I’m inviting into my home and mine and ask myself, ‘Does this last a long time?'” She also says that she enjoys renting clothes rather than buying them and is trying to be more sustainable in fashion.

She tells us that she has done Poosh articles on easy, sustainable ways to be at home. “I have a composter, which was on our Poosh gift list last year.

Kardashian doesn’t feel pressure to be perfect all the time. Kardashian knows it is a learning process, and she plans to adjust as she goes.

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