Running Shoe Trends For Fall Winter

March 18, 2020

Fashion has never been complete without footwear. Every year the fashion industry churns out numerous styles of footwear to quench the thirst of hundred desires. Be it fall or summer or spring footwear fashion never fails to surprise you. So the question comes, what will you be wearing this year? Well, there are many options. Stilettos, thigh high boots, pumps or sneakers wide range of varieties right? One thing is for sure shoes are here to stay. At least for this fall, it’s one of the fashion icons. And sneakers are priority in every wardrobe. Of course who can beat the comfort and style? Sure, stilettos and everything can keep up with the style. But on the comfort factor, sneakers win it hands down. Every major brand in this world is trying their best to provide the most awesome shoes.

Athleisure trend is doing major rounds this year. Honestly, it’s not just a trend it’s a lifestyle. Athleisure is hands down the best and it has so many hearts that not very soon it will go away. The major part of the athleisure fashion is the shoes. More appropriately, running shoes. Your shoes tell your story, I have always believed that. If you are in a mood to party till dawn or if you are running errands for the whole day, you will always wear shoes according to what your daily routine expects from you. And as we all know, these days we are in a constant hurry, what else could be better than running shoes? This fall we will see major pops of color like flashy pink, volt green, flashy yellow and electric lime are just few names on the list. The sneaker game this season is going really strong. But, remember when season changes so should your sneakers. All the shoes that this season has seen are great to pair with your favorite jeans or dress. With the sneakers this season you can add colors to even your work clothes. These pair of shoes are practical enough.

The big trend in running shoes that is being followed is all about proliferation of polyurethane. Polyurethane has great durability and has a different robust feel to standard ethylene vinyl acetate. This year we have seen a big rise in lightweight shoes, which are responsive enough for speed work but soft enough to handle long runs. Cushioning has been amplified for a more comfortable run. The heel area also has cushioning added so that it gives a bouncier feeling. Did I just mention pops of color in sneakers? Wait until you find floral prints, Aztec print and hundreds of other prints on your sneakers. Also, this year we have seen sneakers on runways and celebrities are sporting it. Why shouldn’t we?After all we have always taken ideas to be fashionable from our favorite celebrities. Denims are a big hit too. We are obsessed with sneakers this season. Sneakers have evolved from the primitive ones to these highly sophisticated ones.

The last shift that was so big was when denim was introduced. Shoes are where active wear fully merges with regular street wear. The sneakers are something that you can wear to gym and as well as parties. Tailored trousers and formal tops go with sneakers too. Can you think of any more reason to not wear sneakers? The initially history of sneakers shows that they have had different names. But can you think of your favorite sneaker being called with a different name? We have all settled for them and we are not letting this name go anywhere. Enough reasons for you to splurge in and shop as many trendy sneakers that you can find in the market space.

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