February 3, 2023

Do you have scrap metals that you want to get rid?

It might be worth considering selling them. However, it can often prove difficult to find the right deal at the right price for scrap metals. It’s also important to note that the value of scrap metals varies depending on where it is located.

Some scrap metal dealers can be very rigid about their prices and accept only certain scraps. Moreover, high demand for certain materials could cause their value to fluctuate even more.

We thought it would be helpful to give you an overview of the everyday scrap copper prices in Sydney. This will allow you to determine if the scrap metal that you have should be sold or recycled.

Let’s just get started, so let’s not waste any more time!

What is the Impact on Scrap Metal Prices?

It’s normal to feel that scrap metal has some value when you’ve accumulated a lot of it. It’s most likely that it will be valuable if there is any scrap copper and/or silver in the mixture.

However, it is important to have realistic expectations about the maximum price a dealer will offer. Sometimes, large amounts of metal might end up being scrap metal without producing much value because they are low quality.

Despite this, the main reason that scrap metal prices fluctuate is supply and demand. Due to the limited availability of a particular metal, prices can rise if there is a lot of demand.

The most important thing is that the demand and supply of different types of metals vary at local levels. You should contact scrap metal dealers if you have large quantities of any metal. They can provide price quotes and an assessment of the current market.

We also noticed that Australia’s scrap metal industry is very promising. Visit any scrap yard to get a good idea of the high demand for copper, iron and lead. If you have large quantities, potential buyers will pay the highest prices.

Aside from the rising demand, scrap metal prices can vary depending on the grade. These are the scrap metal grades in Australia.

Grade I

This grade of metal will guarantee that it is pure and not an alloy. Pure copper is the best choice, as it commands the highest scrap metal prices. Even if you only have small amounts of these metals, most scrap metal dealers will offer substantial money.

This category would include any pure metal such as copper, iron, and silver. To ensure the highest quality, clean and test scrap metals.

Grade II

These metals are similar in quality to the first grade, but they are less refined. These scrap metals won’t be considered pure and will therefore fetch less money from dealers.

Sometimes people are delighted to find pure copper and the best quality steel. However, the presence of other metals may lower the grade. The scrap yard dealer may charge you more if there is enough demand for the metal. To avoid any mixed materials, make sure you check scrap metal that you are picking up from someone.

Grade III

We should mention that different metal types have their own grades, as is the case with lead and aluminium. If you’re not sure what type of metal your have, you can visit your nearest scrap yard for further information.

This grade includes metals of lower quality that wouldn’t make it profitable for scrap dealers. This category includes both ferrous and nonferrous metals. To make money with these metals, it is necessary to have substantial quantities.

No Grade

Although some metals may not be classified under the scrap grades, this doesn’t mean they won’t fetch you money. A scrap metal made from gold or silver would not be sold for its usual price, as they are more valuable.

List of Scrap Metatal Prices

Let’s now learn more about individual metal prices. You should note that the scrap metal classification and types accepted by a yard might differ depending on where they are located.

Each scrap yard will have its own price list with the price per kilo. To find the best price, compare the lists of local dealers before you agree on a price.

All metal prices are for one kilogram of material, unless stated otherwise.

Scrap Coper Prices

Many scrap yard sellers will quote you different prices depending on whether or not the copper is pure, mixed, or copper wire. It is possible to make the most money if you have pure copper. A kilo or less of pure copper will typically fetch between $5 and $8 depending on its quality.

Selling stripped copper wires can bring you up to $9.50, although prices can drop as low as $2 depending on the quality. Clean copper pipes that have not been painted will be sold at similar prices. Dry bright copper, however, is more expensive and sells for $1.52 per kilogram.

Radiators are another popular product made from copper and can fetch you a lot of money depending on their size. Some dealers prefer to purchase copper radiators as a whole or individually. The prices range from $3 to $15, but they are generally affordable.

Scrap Steel Prices

It is the most widely-sold scrap metal after copper and can be worth a lot of money in Australia. Prices for stainless steel and steel can range from $1 to $3 depending on its quality. For comparison, steel solids can cost $2.55 while turnings are $3.91.

Additionally, scrapyard dealers typically offer around $2.50 to steel batteries and $2-$3 to radiators. Another interesting aspect about steel is its ability to be extracted from household items or white goods such as fridges and washing machines.

A ton of steel from white goods is typically priced between $150 and $250. For heavy 5mm steel sheets, however, the price may be as high as $350 per ton.

Scrap Aluminium Prices

Aluminium is a hard metal, and although its scrap prices can be quite high, recycling it can still make you a lot of money. You can sell the most basic form of this metal, the aluminium cans. However, it all depends on the dealer.

You can also sell completely clean aluminium at a range of $1.00 to $2.00. If you have aluminium extrusions and cuts, however, the price could reach $5 per kilo.

Scrap Brass Prices

We compared the prices of various dealers in Sydney, Australia and found that borings, radiators turnings, wears, and turnings are the most expensive. These brass items can be sold for as low as $3 but you need to be very careful about how they are maintained.

Scrap Iron Prices

Another common scrap metal you can find is iron. A magnet is the best way to test for purity in ferrous metals. It will tell you if it has strong responses.

Iron prices can vary depending on the quality and purity of the iron. The average price for iron products is $1.77. Although it may seem low, iron can be easily ruined by oxidation.

Cast iron, another form of this metal can be purchased at a cost of $3.86. However, there is often a slight difference in the price between heavy and light iron. The price for heavy iron is usually $3.83 while the price for light iron is $2.18.

Scrap Prices

The price of lead is one of the most expensive scrap metals in Australia. There is a steady demand for lead and people will pay a lot for it. This is because lead is hard to find in everyday settings due to its low production.

If you have scrap lead available, a kilo can be sold for around $1.60 to $2.20 per pound. These can be used for sheets, pipes and shots, as well as batteries. The lead is often mixed with other metals to increase stability.

Buffers and lead sheeting are believed to fetch the highest price. However, we recommend shopping in scrap yards to get the best metal prices.

Scrap Brone Prices

You can make the biggest profit selling bronze scrap metal by shaving, which often has a price of $4.50. You can also sell bronze turnings at up to $4.80 while gunmetal solids and casings are available for sale at prices between $1-$2.

What should you do to take scrap metal to make scrap yards?

Separate the metals from one another, even if they are going to the same scrapyard. This will allow dealers to weigh the metals and determine the appropriate price. It would also help if you spoke with the recycling or scrap yards before the transaction to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Transporting heavy metals such as iron and steel can be very difficult. To make it easier, you should hire a professional team. This would ensure that no metals are mixed up or damaged during transit.

A scrap removal company is a good choice if you need to get rid of scrap metals such as iron sheets and other materials from construction sites. You can also contact your local recycling center to dispose of the scrap metal.

Final Words

This is all we could tell you about current scrap metal prices from Sydney-based dealers. To find out the most current demand for metals and price trends, visit your local scrap yard.

There might be occasions when you need scrap material removal. If this happens, it is a good idea to hire professionals who have experience in handling different types of metal. They may also be connected with a recycling facility.

This concludes the guide. We hope that you are able to get the best scrap metal prices. Now it is time to start the calculations for the different scrap metals.

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