Suggestions For Obtaining The Best Reception From Your Outdoor TV Antenna

February 25, 2022

TV antennas can be a very finicky piece of equipment set and more often than not you have to re-adjust them to be able to get the best possible reception. There will moments when your TV antenna placements could be ruined due to high-velocity winds, thunderstorms or any other serious weathering elements. Hence, it’s always advantageous to stay on the front foot and ensure that your TV antenna is properly getting signal because if it doesn’t, then your entire TV viewing experience will be ruined. 

That’s why we have rounded up some of the ideal suggestions that you can follow to make sure that your TV viewing experience stays ideal. 

What Are The Causes Of Signal Disruption For Outdoor TV Antennas?

According to a well-known company offering services such as TV aerial in NZ, the following are the probable causes of signal disruptions for outdoor TV antennas:

  • Possibility of trees, hills and tall buildings staying within the line of sight of your antenna, leading to transmission of weaker radio waves. 
  • A shift of radio signals due to atmospheric pressure. 
  • Fluctuations in broadcast due to serious weather conditions. 
  • Electrical interference inside urban areas such as mobile towers.

Tips For Obtaining The Best Reception From Outdoor TV Antennas

1. Try To Enhance The Elevation Of The Antennas

If you want your TV antenna reception to be the best, then your antenna should stay in a clean line of sight with the transmission towers. Ideally, there should be little to no obstacles between your antenna and the transmission towers. 

In case there are obstacles, then the radio signals will tend to bounce off the surfaces of the obstacles, leading to you receiving lower-quality reception. That’s why TV antennas on hilltop homes will always have better reception than TV antennas placed inside homes located in a valley. Generally, your TV antenna should be 10-20 feet off the ground. 

2. Make Sure That Your Antenna Is Properly Aimed

It should be known that multi & uni-directional antennas offer great reception; but, they should be properly aimed at the source of the radio signals. In case the reception is poor, then you need to re-aim the antennas towards the transmission towers. Even a few degrees of alteration can help greatly. 

3. Alter The Position Of The Antenna

Just like re-aiming, changing the antenna position can also help in making a difference. First, proceed to move it only a little bit. If that doesn’t work, then you need to relocate the same to a new position around your property. 


We hope that you find our recommendations useful and thus utilize them to enhance your TV antenna reception. For any additional queries, don’t forget to contact us at any moment.

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