These Top Trends for Fall 2022 are Probably Already in Your Closet – They’re all Basic Staples

March 9, 2023

Every season brings new fashion trends that are bold and unique. If you feel more Clean Girls Aesthetic than Dopamine Dressing lately or prefer to wear what you have rather than buy something new, you are in for a treat. Fall 2022 focuses on the basics. These are the everyday items that you have invested in.

White tank tops and Black dress pants have been deemed the “It” pieces of the season. However, you should still wear them in a business casual or toned-down way. The runways and fashion girls have shown that there are many ways to spice these essentials up. These quick tips will help you revamp your wardrobe and save $0 on your Fall wardrobe.

You may have been wearing white tank tops all summer, but the good news is that the piece will still be available for fall. Chloe and Bottega Veneta wore this classic top on the runway. It can be paired with many different bottoms, including Prada, Chloe, Prada, and Chloe.

Your white tank can be paired with oversized pants for Fall 2022. This could include parachute pants or baggy trousers. A structured jacket like a blazer can make a more elegant ensemble.

The little black dress is a versatile staple that has existed for a long time. This is why it’s back in full force for Fall 2022. Louis Vuitton, Isabel Marant, and Michael Kors included one in their collections, regardless of whether they used a leather version or layered it with a shirt.

The LBD is a blank canvas. It’s the perfect piece to create your style. Add some flair to the LBD with accessories such as layers of necklaces or chunky boots.

Black dress pants are no longer worn only in formal settings. They can be worn with a coordinating jacket but are now substitutes for everyday jeans. We saw them in Fall 2022 with a crop top from LaQuan Smith and a sweater vest from Tory Burch.

While you might be tempted to choose a button-down, a plaid T-shirt and sneakers are another way to wear timeless trousers. This look can be worn from work to play and is approved.

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