Tips for Choosing the Right Residential House Painter

November 23, 2022

A trusted residential painter will deliver better quality, lasting, seamless painting. However, there are many residential painters available, so it can be difficult to find one that is both reliable and affordable. It doesn’t have be difficult to find the right partner for your residential painting project. The outcome is well worth it. Here are some tips to help you find expert customer service and high-quality painting from professionals.

Find a painter who enjoys open communication

Excellent professional conduct is indicated by good communication with your painter. Open communication is essential for any painting project’s success. It creates a safe space for you to express your needs and desires with confidence. Intercoat is proud to communicate with clients at every stage of the project. This allows you to trust that your home will receive the highest quality painting solution.

Search for expertise and knowledge

Different home designs, whether old or new, require different painting solutions. Your painter must be familiar with the surfaces they are working on and should be able offer all solutions and answer any questions. Painting an older Queenslander house is different from painting a modern home. Some surfaces may not be suitable for special finishes. You could end up with damage or needing to repaint if you don’t follow the right recommendations. Make sure your painter is knowledgeable and skilled in painting.

Intercoat has the right solutions for every residential structure or surface that you require painting. We have decades of experience and expertise in painting residential and commercial surfaces, as well as specialty jobs.

Learn more about the painting process

Different processes may be used by different painting contractors. You should ensure that they have a process in place to help you choose the right colors, handle the jobsite, and finish with a future maintenance plan. A complete painting service should be included. This is more than just putting paint on a surface. You should have a best house painters in auckland who can guide you through the entire project. This will allow you to relax and know that the project is in good hands. To avoid any delays or mishaps, ask your painter for a detailed explanation of their residential painting process.

Interlock follows a transparent process that all clients can see on our website. You can be confident that the project will be completed by Interlock. No matter the size of the job, every client receives the same high-quality customer service.

The consultation is over. You can feel confident that the painter will care about your project

Although it is great to have an affordable quote, you must talk to a residential painter to make sure they are passionate about the project and care about your home. Did they ask enough questions to get the job done? Did they make any further recommendations? Did they provide a free consultation? Was the service explained in detail? These are the essential parts of a professional painting service. Your needs should always be considered by your painter and not their own. You want to feel that the painter is a professional when you invest your money in them.

Step 1 – Scope

To determine the scope of work, we thoroughly review plans and documents. Our friendly team will then provide you with an itemized quote.

Step 2 – Schedule

We will provide a quote and schedule an on-site visit. This is usually one to two weeks before the painting begins.

Step 3 – Communicate

We will discuss our process with the site foreman as we get closer to painting time. We will work together to determine the best process for achieving the highest quality results on your project.

Step 4: Get ready

After the trades have finished their work, we will inspect all areas for any paint defects from top to bottom to make sure that everything is in order.

Step 5: Paint

The initial coat will be applied to all substrates. After an internal inspection, the final coat will be completed. This ensures a flawless, smooth finish.

Step 6: Finish

To hand over the project successfully, a final walk-through will be performed.

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