August 14, 2023

Correctly fixing and stopping GIBs takes a lot time and skill, but can enhance the appearance of your room. When it comes to GIB fix, the quality of work is crucial because it affects not only the look of your room but also its safety.

It is important to check for any damages that could cause physical harm to the occupants. This type of work is best left to GIB fixers in Auckland. They can save you time, effort and ensure your safety.

You are in the right place if you want to know what GIB Fixing and GIB Stopping is. This article is devoted to this.

Explore the meaning of these terms and their importance by reading on.

What is GIB (Geometric Interchangeable Body)?

GIB Boards are commonly known as plasterboards within the interior plastering industry. These plasterboards consist of 100% recycled paper and natural Gypsum. Gypsum, or calcium sulphate Dihydrate, is a sulphate mineral. GIB Boards are available in a variety of sizes.

You can choose the one that suits your needs.

There are different types of GIB board on the market.

Fire resistant : A GIB board being fire-resistant does not mean that it won’t burn, but it means that it can resist fire exposure longer than standard plasterboard.

Noise resistant: Want to reduce sound transmission between rooms? For this, there are noise resistant GIB panels.

Impact resistant : Do you want long-lasting, impact-resistant plasterboards? Ones that will reduce your repair costs and last for a long time while still being able to withstand some impacts? Impact-resistant GIB panels will save you money over the long run.

Water-resistant: Want to save on repair costs of moisture damage? You should choose this option.

What does GIB fix mean?

GIB fixation is simply the installation of GIB or plasterboards on the ceiling or wall. A GIB Fixer is a specialist hired to complete this installation.

They can also fix any holes, dents or deterioration in your walls and ceilings to give them an elegant finish. The right person who is skilled in what they do will give your room an amazing and clean look.

What is GIB Stopping?

GIB stopping includes steps such as wall skimming and internal plastering. It also involves texture removal and interior painting. This method will give your walls and ceilings a crisp and smooth finish. Your GIB boards can be decorated in any way you like after this process.

In A Nutshell

Of course, the question of whether we can do it ourselves is a common one. Yes, you can. Should you? Although GIB repair is simpler than it appears, it’s not a secret that professional assistance is needed to achieve the finish you desire. For more details – https://honestpainters.co.nz/gib-fixing-auckland/

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