What is a 4 Point Inspection in Florida for Homeowners Insurance?

January 19, 2023

Are homeowners insurance requirements in Florida 4 point inspections?

You will need to conduct a 4-point inspection before you purchase a homeowners insurance policy if you are buying an older property, rental property or condo in Florida.

Insurance companies require a 4-point inspection if a property is more than 40 years old or a rental property older than 30 years. An inspection is not required to get insurance quotes. Inspections are required before you can purchase the policy. Below are the details of what an inspection looks like and what causes a home not to pass a four-point inspection.

Every FL insurance company has its own guidelines. You should check with your Independent Agent to determine when a 4-point inspection is necessary. This inspection is not required for a newer home. This is not necessary for renters insurance.

What’s a 4-point inspection in Florida?

An older home is subject to a 4 point inspection orlando fl that examines the four major systems (Roof and Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and Plumbing). Insurance companies want to see that the home is in good condition and has been maintained well. This inspection is not intended to be a safety inspection. These inspections are performed by licensed inspectors or building contractors.

Here’s what a 4-point inspection looks like:

  • Roof – Types of Roof Coverings (shingles, tile or rolled). The roof’s age and condition. Are there any missing shingles?
  • Electrical System- Type of wiring in your home (copper or aluminium), knob, tube, and knob. The brand name of the electrical panel. The state of the electrical system in your home
  • Heating & Cooling – Does the house have central heat or air? The system’s age and condition. Is there evidence of leaking?
  • Plumbing System – Types of supply and drainage lines found in the house (copper, CPVC or galvanized), lead, polybutelene etc. Are there any evidence of leaks? The age of your hot water heater.

Citizens Insurance and other insurance companies require that the inspector use their form. Some insurance companies permit the inspector to use their preferred format. The inspector will not only provide a written report but also take photographs of all major systems in order to present them to the insurance company.

Can I use my regular home inspection instead?

Full inspection vs 4 Point Inspection

In lieu of a 4-point inspection, you can give your insurance company the complete home inspection. We strongly advise against this. Our insurance agency asks clients to only provide a 4-point inspection and not the whole inspection. A home inspection may also include minor or cosmetic damage. If you are asked, we don’t recommend that you send all minor issues to your potential insurance company.

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What does it cost?

These inspections cost between $50 and $100. Ask your agent about recommendations for who to use. Many insurance agents have lists of inspectors who are affordable.

Your home inspector might offer a 4-point inspection for an older house you are considering buying. This inspection is free and will be done in conjunction with your regular home inspection.

You can use a 4-point inspection if your insurance company changes.

It will help me lower my insurance premiums.

No. No. It doesn’t matter if your home passes or fails a 4-point inspection. This does not affect the cost of homeowners insurance. This inspection is used to determine if an insurance company will provide insurance for your older home.

Can your home fail a 4 point inspection?

You may lose your insurance if your home is not in compliance with the guidelines of an insurance company. You can either fix the problem or contact another insurance company if this happens. Insurance companies are unlikely to insure older homes for the following reasons:

  • A shingle roof older than 19 years.
  • A tile roof or metal roofing that is more than 40 years old
  • A damaged roof
  • Aluminum wiring, or knob-and-tube wiring, is not recommended due to fire hazards
  • Fire hazard: Certain brands of electric panels, including Federal Pacific, Zinsco and Challenger, have been discontinued by Slyvania, Zinsco, Challenger and Zinsco
  • Without central heat or air, your home will be cold
  • Polybutelene plumbing is recommended due to the high possibility of plumbing bursts.
  • A hot water heater older than 18 years.

You should inform your agent if you have any of these problems so they can give you a quote.

Are you eligible for insurance if your house doesn’t pass a 4-point inspection?

Your insurance company will respond differently to homes with these problems. Some insurance companies won’t cover these homes, while others will.

Insurance companies will provide insurance but not coverage for the problem system. Most insurance companies won’t cover a home with polybutelene pipes. The few insurance companies that will cover homes with polybutelene pipes do not cover water damage. If the plumbing breaks or floods your home, you will have to pay the repair costs. Accepting this exclusion for significant water damage is often the only way to get coverage on a polybutelene-plumbing home.

Consider updating your home if it hasn’t been updated recently or has older problems. Be sure to find affordable insurance before you purchase an older home. We recommend that you have a 4-point inspection performed before purchasing an older house. Also, make sure to work with an independent, reputable insurance agent. They can assist in determining the cost of insurance as well as advising if the home is eligible for insurance.

You will pay more for insurance if your house has not been renovated.

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