What Services do General Contractors Offer

May 11, 2023

In the commercial construction sector, general contractors provide a variety of services. This includes turnkey projects and new construction. A general contractor can even take over an ongoing project.

General Contractor Services

Some general contractors are specialists in specific types of construction like renovations and interior fit-outs. Some general contractors have the resources and experience to provide all the services listed above.

Turnkey projects

General contractors are able to take a project all the way from conception through completion. Turnkey projects are becoming more popular for new construction. Certain renovations are also delivered turnkey by contractors. The general contractor will “turn the key” over to the client when the facility is ready for occupancy.

This approach is very popular in situations where deadlines are short or resources are limited. When assigning an entire project to a single firm, the owner/developer should value expertise and integrity. Trust is essential in this arrangement because the client relinquishes a certain level of control. Contract terms that are transparent for clients can help to build trust.

New Construction

A general contractor may be called on to implement a design by an independent architect. In simple terms, the architect creates and the general contracting company builds. Sometimes, the general contractor offers more comprehensive design-build service. The contractor coordinates the entire project.

In either case, the general contractor will enlist the help of specialty contractors in order to bring the design into reality. The firm is responsible for ensuring compliance with the local codes and requirements. Contractors often have a say on which building materials meet code requirements are used in the construction of a building.

Interior fit-outs

After a commercial tenant has leased space, the time comes to finish it. The space is usually equipped with studded wall and functional utilities. The studded walls may or not be covered with drywall, and the ceiling and flooring may or not be completed. The tenant hires its own contractor to complete the fit-out (or build-out) process. The tenant may use the same contractor that the developer/owner used to build the entire structure.

Before the tenant’s equipment and inventory arrive, the contractor has completed virtually all of what is required. A general contractor with extensive building material knowledge is ideal. Other valuable qualities include access to skilled craftsmen, and knowledge of efficient systems. If it’s retail space, the grand opening is usually held once everything has been fully stocked.

Site Improvements

Many general contractors have a great deal of experience in site improvements. Site plans are created using information from the architect and engineer. The contractor makes the plan real. The general contractor may provide certain design services within the company.

Site improvements can alter the property to accommodate or enhance the structure. Underground utilities is one example. Electric, gas, cable and sewer are examples. Other examples include site excavation, water drainage, and retention ponds. The appearance of a site is enhanced by landscaping, so understanding hydrology and the various vegetation options are essential. Privacy and aesthetic appeal are both common goals. Common is the consideration of route improvements. Often, this includes evaluating passenger vehicle, commercial vehicles and pedestrian needs.

Parking, shelters and site lighting are also included in the improvements. Site improvements must be done with attention to the land-use requirements and all applicable codes. To meet the applicable building codes enforced in your city or county, you will need to provide documentation. Urban planning often requires that a project be integrated with the surrounding space.

Renovations and remodels

Some contractors provide general contractor services in relation to renovation and remodeling. They must have the necessary trade skills to deliver high-quality, cost-effective projects. The improvements are made to accommodate the growing business, improve employee morale and refresh the image of the company. Sometimes, they have sustainable designs or enhanced wireless connectivity.

Renovations are undertaken by businesses for a variety of reasons. The facilities are old or the company wants to change. Color schemes and fixtures become dated. Areas with high traffic show wear and tears. The higher utility costs of today are not compatible with outdated heating and cooling systems. Maintenance costs are on the rise.

A rebranding may be needed. A facelift can improve a company’s appearance, and a new layout of the office can promote efficiency and collaboration. Other times, a disaster may have caused extensive damage or a retailer’s space might need to be expanded.

A successful renovation will balance the needs of workers, owner resources and customer appeal. Re-branding as well as retail facelifts are both effective forms of advertisement. They give the impression that you are in touch with your customers. They are a symbol of success.

Take over projects that are already underway

Projects started by others may not be successful. There are many possible reasons. It could have been due to quality issues, financial problems, or lack of management. It is common to assign a project to a new General Contractor in Mamaroneck, NY. This contractor should have competent construction managers. Construction management experts can help get the project back on track, resolve any challenges and complete it.



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