July 27, 2023

Copper was the only metal on our planet for almost five millennia. Copper was first used by humans over 10,000 years ago. Global copper resources are estimated to be around 5,8 trillion pounds.

Copper’s higher recycling rate than other engineering metals makes it a very interesting fact. The amount of copper that’s recycled is almost equal to the amount mined each year. The fact that copper is still in high demand should be enough to convince you of its importance. Recycling your copper has many advantages. This article explores the benefits of recycling copper.

No need for landfills

There is no doubt that landfill sites are under more pressure than ever before. The amount of household and commercial waste continues to increase. The holes in the earth are quickly filling up, and the costs of filling them is increasing. You can recycle your copper into another durable product rather than dumping it in landfills.

Alternative to refine new copper using low-energy

Copper recycling is estimated to consume only 10-15% the energy needed to mine and extract copper from its source. It is therefore better to recycle copper to conserve fossil fuels. It makes sense to preserve the ore, even though only 12-13% have been extracted.

Copper ore conservation

We have just said that copper ore conservation is paramount. Copper ore, although we have plenty to mine in reserves, is a limited resource. Once it’s gone it’s lost. We must recycle as much of the copper we can, simply because there is enough to meet our current needs.

It is cheaper than mining new copper

Even though the cost to mine new copper has been reported to be falling, recycling old copper is still cheaper than mining and extracting new copper ore. Recycling copper can be worth as much as 90% of its original cost, which means it is still valuable.

Local economies benefit from the Great Economic Growth

Copper recycling services in Sydney is important for local economies. It creates jobs from the collection of copper scraps to the actual recycling process. 

Reduce the amount of toxic substances released into the environment

Refinement of new copper can be toxic. The waste that is released into the air during the entire process could be harmful to the environment. Recycling copper, and its relatively harmless process, makes it a more eco-friendly option. It minimizes toxins and gasses which damage our planet.


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