Your Guide to Corporate Uniforms

June 28, 2022

It is easy to think that uniforms are insignificant in a corporate environment. This is often due to a lack knowledge on how to make corporate workwear that will improve your brand, professionalism, and employee productivity.

A corporate uniform has many benefits, including easy branding and marketing and improved employee morale. If your company doesn’t know how to make a uniform, there’s no reason it wouldn’t. This guide will help you navigate the process of creating an original, stylish, and custom uniform.

The Business Casual’ Style

The best corporate uniform falls under the dress code “business casual” as it optimizes employee style and comfort. However, it can be not easy to distinguish between the different categories. This is how the dress code should be interpreted:

Casual This is a more casual dress code that most office industries have adopted over the past few decades. For men, you should wear khakis, trouser pant, collared shirts (including a neat polo), sweaters and leather shoes. For women, nice pants or skirts with a button-down shirt, sweater or sweater are acceptable.

These are your guidelines. Now it’s time to choose a color scheme that matches your brand and include your company logo in the uniform.


Although corporate dress has been traditionally very different for women and men, modern trends demand a uniform. Styles that are both gender-friendly should be considered. Your uniform should be comfortable to wear. This will likely mean that there will be some variation in the uniforms for men and women, but it is important to maintain as many similarities as possible.


Although business casual is the norm for offices, it doesn’t mean you can’t stand out. You can accessorize, use bold colours or create unique designs that reflect your brand’s personality. Uniform Store has a broad range of experience creating unique corporate uniforms. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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