Florida Auto Detailing Tips: Spring Car Care

February 13, 2023

Florida is a place that requires special car care. Consider the heat, humidity, heavy rains and salty sand if you live in Florida. All this is before a natural catastrophe like a hurricane or tropical storm strikes. Mobile Detailing Pros Orlando’s expert detailing technicians are available to assist you with your Florida spring car care.

Protect Your Car

It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is parked in a garage, carport or covered with a car cover made specifically for you, or strategically covered with large tarps. However, it’s always a smart idea to keep it covered , especially at the beginning of spring. Florida’s spring brings heavy rains, lots and bugs. Cover your finish to protect it from the elements.

After it rains, wash and rinse your car

Leaving rain on your vehicle to dry in the sun can cause ugly water spots and possible damage to your finish . You can wash your car once the sun has gone out if you are unable to keep it dry from the rain. This will remove any spots that may have developed and help restore the vehicle’s original shine.

Make sure your vehicle is regularly inspected

Professional Auto Detailing Saint Augustine, FL, is the best way to preserve the vehicle’s resale and quality. Frequency may vary depending on vehicle type, location, and frequency of usage. It’s even more important to have your car detailed in the spring and summer months of Florida. Mobile Detailing Pros makes car detailing easy and affordable. To book an appointment, give us a call or visit our homepage.

Get rid of all pollen and bugs from your car

Always remove pollen and bugs from your vehicle as soon as you see them. These things can be difficult to remove, and your vehicle will suffer more damage if you wait. Bird feces is also a problem. It is important to get rid of this waste as soon as possible. You can call Mobile Detailing Pros if it has been too long.

Check Your Fluids Regularly

Regular car maintenance includes checking your fluids on a regular basis. This is especially important in Florida’s spring and summer. You want your vehicle to be able to withstand the heat and to function properly. Make sure to check the fluids regularly!

Make sure to keep up with oil changes and check-ups

It is important to keep up with your vehicle maintenance. Regular vehicle inspections and checks are crucial and can help you spot potential problems before they become serious. It is more important to keep track of your vehicle’s health and safety, no matter how hot or frequent you drive.

With the help of our Florida Mobile Detailing Pros, you are now ready to kick off your spring! Call or visit our homepage for a convenient appointment with Mobile Detailing Pros.

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